Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does GFRC mean?

    Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

  • Does GFRC weigh less than regular concrete?

    No it basically weighs the same as standard concrete mix designs weigh. The difference is GFRC mix designs are structurally much stronger on PSI and tensile strength allowing products to be created thinner, stronger, and lighter in many cases.

  • What kind of sealers are used?

    There are several sealing methods and types of sealer products used depending on use and exposure. Acrylics, Polyurethane, Epoxy, Oils, Wax and hybrid versions of some of these products as well as combinations. Careful evaluation of these products and trained application experience is important.

  • Does cast concrete stain easily?

    Properly sealed and normal maintenance will provide excellent stain protection/resistance. No surface is stain proof. Reasonable care and mindfulness goes a long way in maintaining a beautiful appearance.

  • How is concrete colored?

    Concrete can be easily colored in two ways. Integral colored concrete which is one method utilizing Color pigments added directly into the mix when a batch is prepared prior to placement in molds or forms. The other acceptable method is to stain or dye the concrete after curing has taken place. There is a very wide range of color choices with either method. Some coloring products fade when exposed to sunlight. Products that fade easily in sunlight environments should be avoided when possible.

  • Are there maintenance requirements for cast concrete products?

    All decorative concrete products require periodic maintenance. Usually this is in the form of regular cleaning with PH neutral cleaning agents and depending on use and exposure re-sealing will be required every few years to protect its beauty. Properly cared for, the expected lifespan is decades.

  • Can damaged or seriously neglected decorative concrete be repaired and or restored?

    In most cases neglected cast concrete surfaces can be restored by an experienced professional. Some repairs can be completed however not all repair methods produce a seamless results. A qualified very experienced professional is advised to evaluate and conduct required repairs.

  • What should I look for when selecting a manufacturer of GFRC cast concrete products for my projects?

    Several years of experience, professional training from recognized trainers, dedicated services, a controlled shop environment properly equipped, portfolio of past projects and an ability to create designs that are appealing. In order to be a capable mold builder/designer, which is at the heart of casting concrete, the individual must be able to work with metal, wood, resins, fabric, plastic, clay, plaster and rubber in order to be successful. Always ask what materials they are comfortable utilizing.